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Frequently asked questions

I’ve never heard of Scholarly - what is the company’s background?

Scholarly was founded in 2023 to build innovative faculty affairs software. Scholarly’s founders are passionate about higher education and believe that there are too many great higher ed institutions using bad software. Scholarly exists to empower faculty members and administrators to spend less time on manual tasks and more time on the things they care about.

How is Scholarly ensuring that the product is solving real problems for faculty members and administrator?

Scholarly has assembled an advisory council of 30+ faculty affairs professionals, faculty members, and university leaders from top institutions in the country to advise on the most pressing challenges in faculty affairs. The advisory council’s feedback and guidance has been critical to ensuring that Scholarly is addressing real pain points and is providing actual solutions.

Is the CV import tool actually that effective? I’ve seen competitors’ versions of this in the past and it has never worked.

Yes! The CV import tool is foundational to the Scholarly platform and uses new technology. Previously it was not possible to do CV import effectively, but Scholarly is paving the way for a future with less manual data input.

I see that you have several features coming soon - why did you choose those features?

Scholarly’s vision is to build a true lifecycle solution for faculty affairs - from candidate search all the way through retirement. We have built our product roadmap in close collaboration with our advisory council and customers. If you don’t see a key feature that you’re looking for, please reach out!

I’m interested to learn more about the product; do you have additional materials available?

You can get a tour of the platform yourself by requesting a demo.

We have existing systems that house faculty data - can Scholarly integrate with them?

Yes. Scholarly’s goal is to integrate with any existing system that contains faculty data.

Is Scholarly student facing?

Scholarly is not a student facing platform (yet). However, Scholarly integrates with student information systems to pull in relevant information for faculty members such as courses taught, enrollment, course evaluations, and more.

What is Scholarly’s pricing?

Scholarly’s pricing is available upon request, but rest assured that Scholarly is more competitive than the rest of the market today.

How long does it take to implement Scholarly?

Implementation will vary institution to institution. It will depend on the number of data integrations, the authorization/authentication scheme (e.g. SAML, Shibboleth, etc.). We work closely with your institution during the early stages of onboarding to create an implementation plan and calendar. The total timeline may be between a few weeks and a few months.

What kind of support does Scholarly provide during the implementation process?

Scholarly will meet with your staff at least once per week during implementation to ensure we adhere to the implementation calendar. You will always have access to book additional time with Scholarly during the implementation process if you need support.

Our faculty data needs to be secure - is my data safe with Scholarly?

Absolutely. We take data security very seriously. See our integrations page for more information on data security.

Can we set custom permissions to ensure that data remains secure and that information flows to the right stakeholders?

Yes. During implementation, we work with institutions to set custom permissions fit for them. This might include giving different permissions to different sets of faculty and staff, such as administrators, deans, department chairs, and faculty members. This may also include the ability for administrative staff to impersonate others to act on their behalf.

What is the Scholarly accessibility policy?

Accessibility is at the core of the software that we build. We have completed a Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (VPAT® 2.4 Rev WCAG) for WCAG 2.1 level A/AA. Our accessibility is checked both manually and through automated means before each software release. Download the Scholarly Software VPAT assessment.

Has Scholarly conducted a SOC 2, ISO 27001, or other security audit?

Scholarly partners with industry-leading independent experts to regularly audit our security posture. You can see Scholarly’s current SOC 2 audit status on the Scholarly Trust Report. We also have a HECVAT Full available upon request.

How can I anonymously report a complaint?

As part of Scholarly’s dedication to security and safety for both customers and employees, we provide an anonymous whistleblower form to report complaints. Fill out an anonymous whistleblower report.