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Scholarly is building the future of faculty affairs software, using the latest in automation and AI to revolutionize the way that faculty and administrators work.

Everything faculty affairs, all in one place.

All of your faculty data in one place.

Faculty activity reporting is made much easier with deep integrations into Student Information Systems, HR Information Systems, and more. Whether it’s Banner, Workday, Peoplesoft, or something homegrown, Scholarly integrates.

Forget manual data entry.

Scholarly can import any CV. Using never-before-seen technology, Scholarly is able to structure the data from even the oldest CVs, whether they are PDF or Microsoft Word.

Achieve equitable outcomes with data.

Whether your team needs publication totals or equity dashboards, Scholarly can generate with its dynamic and customizable suite of reporting tools. Export to CSV or Microsoft Excel with the click of a button.

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Dedicated support at your fingertips

Customer success is a core belief of our company. We provide white-glove support to every customer while on Scholarly in several ways, like scheduling support sessions with a single click.

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