Faculty Activity Reporting

Innovative yet familiar

Faculty time is a scarce resource. Scholarly makes it easy for faculty to share their accomplishments without spending hours editing a Word doc.

Totally customizable.
Scholarly can match the questions on your existing activity reporting forms, whether those are Word docs or digital surveys.
Reduces friction for faculty members.
Pre-populate annual reports with data from other systems to save faculty time and increase completion rates.
Loginless and mobile friendly.
Faculty can access their report with one click and easily fill it out on phone or tablet. Progress saves automatically.
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Faculty Activity Reporting

Streamline your activity reporting process

Automate your activity reporting workflow and streamline the process for faculty with pre-populated reports. Use and share faculty activity data across the institution.

Keep the workflow on track.
Monitor all steps of your workflow, send automated reminder emails, view completion progress per school, department, or individual.
Export results easily.
Export all faculty activity for the institution or for a single department with one click
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Faculty Profiles

All faculty data in one place

Through integration with your other systems, importing legacy files, and CV import, Scholarly creates the hub for all of your faculty data.

Dynamically updating information.
Whether the data is coming from an annual report, added by the faculty member, imported from a CV or existing system, data is kept up to date in real-time.
Unparalleled admin tools.
Store documents securely, view historical faculty information, and quickly see outstanding tasks assigned to each faculty member.
All data is secured using bank-grade encryption. All information access is audit logged. Robust permission structure gives you full control over access. See our FAQs for more security information.
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Workload management tools

Ensure equitable workloads

Keep track of service and committee membership easily in the Scholarly platform. Generate reports to ensure equitable distribution of responsibilities.

Past, present, and future.
Assign and inspect committee memberships not just for the present, but for the past and future as well.
Calculate service workloads.
Committee service can optionally be assigned a point value, which can then be combined with other service activities and used to generate service workload reports and visualizations.
Up-to-date directory.
Scholarly’s committee directory is real-time, so there will never be an out-of-date committee roster.
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Dynamic Reporting and Visualization

Understand the impact of your faculty

Leverage your faculty data with comprehensive and real-time reporting capabilities.

Unlock your data.
Scholarly ties the data together between systems to enable richer analysis. Need a report of all publications last academic year for all junior faculty? Get that in one click.
Instant, visual, exportable.
Reports generate in milliseconds with custom visualizations. They can be easily shared or exported to Microsoft Excel.
Enable strategic goals.
Whether it’s faculty workload equity, community activity, or publication data, Scholarly helps you to achieve your strategic goals.
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CV Import

Easily keep faculty information updated

Forget manual data entry. Using groundbreaking AI, Scholarly can import academic CVs and create usable data from a Microsoft Word document or PDF.

Upload any common format.
Upload Microsoft Word or PDF documents in any structure or format. Data is added to faculty profiles.
Expedite onboarding.
Have a new faculty member joining? Capture their past accomplishments without the manual data entry.
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Coming soon

We have an ambitious roadmap

Building an end-to-end faculty lifecycle solution is a complex and iterative process. Scholarly works hand-in-hand with our customers and advisors to deliver solutions in weeks, not years. Here’s a preview of what’s coming next.

Promotion and Tenure

Promotion and tenure workflows are complex and vary by institution. We are building a flexible tool that empowers administrators and can adapt to any process.

Sabbatical and Leave Workflows

Scheduling, approving, and tracking sabbaticals or other types of leave is complicated. We’re building an integrated solution to keep all parties in the loop and eliminate manual tracking.

Hiring and onboarding

The relationship with your faculty begins sooner than the first day of instruction. By using Scholarly to manage your hiring process, you’ll have comprehensive data from day one.

Don’t see your feature on here?

We partner closely with our customers to build out functionality requried for their institution. We build quickly and can typically implement any feature request before a go-live date.